Tesla’s mission is to
accelerate the world’s transition
to sustainable energy.

4 things about tesla models

Elon Musk did not start Tesla

The company was founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, although current CEO Elon Musk led the first investment round in February 2004. At that point, he joined the company's board of directors as Chairman.

Tesla Motors is more than 10 years old

The company was incorporated in July 2003, but remained in stealth mode until July 2006, when it revealed the Roadster, its first production car. Only 2,500 models of the two-seat electric sports car were built; it went on sale in limited numbers late in 2008, and production ended late in 2011.

the model s

the model s was the first electric vehicel to ever receive motortrend car of the year award one of the most coveted in automobile industry

automotive history

The company has already beaten Delorean (which built 9,000 cars), Bricklin (2,850), and Tucker (a mere 51) among notable automotive startups of the past half-century. At its current rate, it will have more than 26,000 cars on the world's roads by December 31.